Global Hand Version 1.9 - December, 2003

As we enter the New Year, Global Hand invites you to visit version 1.9 of its site, the penultimate version of our current series.

Over the last few months we have extensively evaluated how our website is used. This has lead to some important changes. We hope you will find its design improvements and new features make your life easier as you use the site.

Those of you who attended the recent UK and European Global Hand conferences will have previewed these already, but for those who were unable to attend, we offer a synopsis of these changes.

Where are the changes?

Donating And Requesting Goods

We have simplified the way in which you can offer and request goods. We used to call this “Tradefair” but now call it “Offers & Requests”. We have made changes so that this section is as user-friendly as possible.

Need goods? Have goods to offer? The new improved “Offers & Needs” can be found at: and

Finding Information

Want to get in touch with a Global Hand member in your area? Want to find members who handle a certain product? Or want to advertise your need to other members?

Global Hand version 1.9 includes some new ways of listing humanitarian groups.

See registered users of Global Hand :
Registered users and members of Global Hand now show at the top of each listing.

Search by country :
We undertook extensive research so that each listing could include an option to search for an organisation, or other resource, in a particular country. See Get inspired .

Search by product type :
We continue to offer a feature that enables you to search for groups that handle goods. See our listing of Provision of goods partnerships.

Offering Transport And Warehousing

Are you involved in transporting goods? Do you provide warehousing?

We have now made information on transport, logistics, and warehousing offers, (including those previously in the tradefair), easier to find in Transportation and logistics. These too can be searched by country.

We hope that GH version 1.9 will assist you as you offer, request and transport goods.