Global Hand On The Silk Road - August, 2004

Global Hand introduced in Central Asia.

Afghanistan… Tajikistan… Kyrgyzstan… Uzbekistan… Turkmenistan… Kazakhstan…

The Silk Road brings images of oriental silks and spices, rugs and riches, pots and poetry… It always was, though, a route fraught with danger.

Today’s Silk Road is all of those things too.

Culturally, it is as rich as ever. Commercially, it is daily strengthening as more traders seek business on its path. Today, too, though, the dangers of the region remain many, particularly for the marginalised: war victims, orphans, alcoholics, drug addicts, refugees, displaced persons, the elderly, the homeless, the unemployed.

NGO activity, though often fledgling, is therefore very needed in this area.

Global Hand Introduced

Global Hand recently held a conference, in Almaty, that brought together NGO’s and others serving in the community. The goal of the conference was to introduce Global Hand’s services and give opportunity for NGO’s to find synergy of mutual benefit in their work. It also provided a beginning in our alerting the commercial world to Global Hand’s activity in the area.

Global Hand being introduced at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Opening: Hong Kong’s Consul General


The conference was opened by Hong Kong’s Consul General for Kazakhstan who travelled to his home country for the event. Media accompanied Mr Sarsenbayev and the event was featured on national television and in print.

Looking for partners on the Silk Road?


If you are interested in developing partnerships with groups serving in this area, feel free to go to our Humanitarian Yellow Pages , and then choose your country of interest. We have entries on Afghanistan, and Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, among others.

Global Hand representatives in Central Asia


Global Hand is represented in Central Asia by Andrew and Sarah Starr, based in Kazakhstan. Their email address is: . Communication with them is welcome in English or Russian.

NOTE: The listing on Asia has been updated this week, doubling its current size! We now list over 400 groups working in the Central Asia region.

We hope Global Hand’s new presence in Central Asia can help many find a brighter future.