Tsunami Crisis: Global Hand Members Offer Help - December, 2004

Partners, projects, and product.

As all of us come to grips with this crisis, and its heartbreaking impact, we have wondered how we might be synergistic by partnering as and where appropriate.


Are you wanting to send goods to the affected areas, but needing partners?


Do you already have projects underway? Can you describe them briefly, or point us to a description of them on your website?


What kind of product do you need? Blankets? Food? (If so, what kind?)
Medicine? (If so, what kind?) Hygiene products? (Disinfectants, cleansers?)
Cooking implements? Clothing? Tents? Water purification tablets?

Please tell us which goods you are looking for and we will see what our sourcers can find. We will do all we can to support your efforts in helping those in dire need.

Please feed back to us within two to three days if at all possible.
The Global Hand team