South Asia Earthquake: Product on Offer - October, 2005

Goods and shipping offered to registered Global Hand members.

The recent earthquake in South Asia has killed more than 50,000 people and left up to 3 million homeless. Because of the number of logistical and other difficulties present in the situation, Kofi Annan has called it"one of the most challenging relief operations ever undertaken".

In the aftermath of the disaster, however, there has been a generous response from the business community. Global Hand has received many offers of goods over the past two weeks.

Offers currently on the site include:

  • tents
  • camping mats
  • sleeping bags
  • woollen children’s and babies clothing
  • food supplies

A number of potential donors are also in discussion with us regarding offers of medicines and medical supplies, blankets, and other much-needed items.

In addition to the above offers of product, an offer of air freight has also been posted on the site. A group in the UK is arranging to charter cargo flights to Islamabad, and is making the space available free of charge to those who have goods available for Pakistan. Please see the website for more details of all these offers . Please note that only fully registered Global Hand members may access these offers on the site. If you have begun but not yet completed your registration, or you would like to upgrade to become a full member, please contact us on At this time, a number of organisations have chosen to upgrade their level of participation in order to be able to access the offers being made.

With every good wish for your work in Pakistan and beyond,
The Global Hand team