Iraq Update - July, 2003

A digest of the information available on Iraq in Global Hand’s REACT section.

Iraq may no longer be in the headlines, but great need continues throughout the country.

For instance, a UN report on June 2nd said that“40% of the water network in Baghdad is damaged and there are over 500 separate"breaks"in the system causing the loss of up to 50% of the city’s water. This is one of many problems that humanitarian organisations, including members of Global Hand, are working to overcome.

Here is a sample of the resources we have collected.

  • Donations in-kind for the Iraq Crisis: UN Guidance to Donors May 2003
    UN Guidance to Donors
    The United Nations has received many offers of in-kind humanitarian assistance – donations of goods or personnel – for Iraq. It has also received requests for advice on how this aid might be best provided and in response, has published this document for potential donors of such contributions.
  • UNJLC (United Nations Joint Logistics Centre) Iraq Bulletin No 16
    UNJLC bulletins provide a concise weekly overview of UNJLC activities and the current logistical situation in regard to the crisis in the Middle East. Date published: 12th June 2003
  • Iraq: Humanitarian Situation Report No. 40
    This report gives a detailed overview of the current humanitarian situation in the Iraq region. It includes data on the amount of food distributed, and the number of people displaced, as well as a section on cross-border operations. Latest report: June 2nd 2003
  • Humanitarian Operations Centre briefing
    Regularly briefings on the current situation in Iraq, from the Humanitarian Operations Centre in Kuwait. Source: Humanitarian Operations Centre, Latest briefing: 5th June 2003
  • The Joint NGO Emergency Preparedness Initiative (JNEPI)
    JNEPI has been established by a group of international NGOs to provide services to humanitarian agencies. JNEPI have produced a document which outlines Who is Who in the Iraq response and gives detailed information about the work of NGO’s.
  • UNJLC – Customs regulations for Humanitarian Cargo
    Detailed instructions for NGOs that wish to send goods through the Republic of Turkey, in order to provide humanitarian aid to Iraq. Date published: 2nd June 2003
  • UN-NGO Liaison
    The Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq has been given the responsibility of establishing countrywide coordination of humanitarian activities of the UN and its partners. This page details the activities of the UN-NGO liaison officer, including regular briefings and a list of contact points. Latest briefing: 4th June 2003

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