European Organisations - September, 2003

Are you based in Europe? Working in Europe? Needing European contacts?

Several groups in the Global Hand community have asked for information along these lines, so we have put together a News section in response.

We have also added to the site the names of organisations who joined the consultation Global Hand held in Budapest this year.

The list now totals over 400 organisations working in relief, development, gifts-in-kind, job creation and many other areas of humanitarian endeavour. Following are some of the latest European organisations we have added, together with a selection from earlier entries.

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  • Consultrans
    Consultrans helps all types of organisations to find markets and marketing information. They have an extensive network of marketing and information experts throughout Western Europe, the USA and most Eastern European countries. Consultrans has also been involved with NGO’s on humanitarian projects for many years. They are able to assist charities with international logistics, purchasing goods, travel assistance, translation facilities, setting standards and project management.
  • Humedica Belgium -Yellow member
    Humedica Belgium’s goal is to give aid and assistance to the hungry, those affected by disasters and others in need. In addition, they aim to give general assistance to children, youth, the elderly and the handicapped. Activities include sending gifts-in-kind to support their own programs and the programs of other non profit organisations, supplying medical equipment and medication to those in need and providing education and other forms of development aid.


    AGAPE is a humanitarian relief organisation with the mission to help suffering victims of the war in the Balkans by providing material and spiritual support. Agape’s Dry-Goods Project distributes food, hygiene items and clothing to thousands of refugee families in Croatia on a regular basis. In addition, more than one thousand refugees a day are fed a hot meal by Agape’s ‘Hot Kitchens’ in Osijek, Croatia.


  • Cornhouse Foundation
    This aid agency is involved in youth and adult education programs, prevention and therapy of addiction, networking with other NGOs, transportation of charitable goods, and worldwide emergency aid.
  • Global Aid Network (GAIN) Germany -Yellow member
    GAIN send food, clothing, toys, medical equipment and other goods to help those in need in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. They seek to respect culture and avoid negatively impacting the economy through their GIK (gifts in kind) activity.
  • ORA International – Global Hand Charter member -Red member
    ORA is a non-profit organisation engaged in providing relief to people in need. It is based in Germany, and sends aid to countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.
  • Joseph Care International -Brown user
    A humanitarian aid network, based in Germany, that send gifts-in-kind to support humanitarian work world-wide. Joseph Care operates mainly in Eastern Europe and Asia.


  • Albert Schweitzer Association for Refugees in Hungary
    This non-governmental social organisation’s goal is the protection and representation of the interests of non-European refugees applying for asylum in the Hungarian Republic and those recognised by the United Nations High Commission for refugees.


  • Good Hope Charity -Yellow member
The mission of Good Hope Charity is to help orphaned and abandoned children in Transnistria, Moldova, as well as to assist those who are handicapped, imprisoned and elderly. This is accomplished by providing humanitarian assistance to governmental and nongovernmental bodies. Good Hope Charity distributes food, clothing, shoes, household items, medical equipment and other goods.


  • Epiphany Trust
    Epiphany’s aims include helping those who are suffering hardship as a result of drought, earthquake, floods or other natural disasters or who are in need of assistance through sickness, old age or disease or by reason of their social and economic conditions.


  • Dawn European Network – Global Hand Charter member -Red member
    A Gifts-in-kind organisation, based in Switzerland, that takes corporate donations and distributes them to charities working amongst the poor, mainly in Eastern Europe. The website includes a number of reports describing some of the goods that have been sent, and the projects that these goods are supporting.

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