Improved Funding Offering - January, 2004

Funding continues to remain the big issue for many of us as we look to the year ahead. So Global Hand has continued research, digging out further names of organisations that specialise in funding activities in the humanitarian arena.

Some of you have asked us to address the following questions:

  • Which grant foundations will fund operating costs rather than projects?
  • What information about your organisation is required to receive funding?
  • Which types of charities or humanitarian organisations may apply for a grant from a particular organisation?

While we continue to research accordingly, current findings of interest can be found in our Funding section.

To use it, simply browse through the list of 85+ funding sources, or search for a foundation in a particular country using the country list.

Following is a selection from that page:

Asia Foundation
This Foundation has four areas of particular interest: Governance Law and Civil Society, Women’s Participation, Economic Reform and Development, and International Development. It undertakes grant making with organisations as a collaborative process of problem identification and strategic planning. Before any request is made for a grant, the Foundation encourages prospective grantees to follow a three phase process.
Regions/Countries of Operation: Asia

Baring Foundation – International Grants Programme
The Baring Foundation was set up in 1969 to give money to charities and voluntary organisations pursuing charitable purposes. The foundation will accept applications for grants from registered charities, voluntary and constituted not-for-profit organisations in the UK that have close working partnerships with non-governmental and community-based organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America and are seeking to benefit people disadvantaged or marginalised by long-term migration and displacement. Applications will comprise a completed form and supporting documents which should be sent by mail to the foundation.
Regions/Countries of Operation: Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, United Kingdom

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Through their Civil Society Program, the Foundation provides grants to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and South Africa. NGOs are encouraged to contact the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation offices in Prague, Czech Republic (regional office) or Johannesburg, South Africa to determine funding eligibility. Please note that all letters of inquiry and proposals sent to the Foundation should be in English only.
Regions/Countries of Operation: Eastern Europe, Russia, South Africa

Hivos (the Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries)
Hivos is a Dutch non-governmental organisation which is committed to the poor and marginalised – and to the organisations which promote their interests – in countries in the South and in South-East Europe (Hivos is particularly interested in strengthening of the position of women in society). The website provides an online grants application form/criteria to receive funding.
Regions/Countries of Operation: South-eastern Asia, Southern Europe, South-central Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, South Africa

International Community Foundation
This foundation helps donors contribute to worthwhile programs/organisations whose work benefits under represented people in Asia and the Americas, with an emphasis on Mexico. Provides grants to projects run by non profit organisations that meet the criteria and goals of their donors.
Regions/Countries of Operation: Americas, China, Mexico

Muttart Foundation
Since its founding in 1953, the Muttart Foundation has provided millions of dollars to support worthwhile projects in Canada and overseas. For the next five years, the Muttart Foundation will primarily focus its funding on “the needs of charities as organisations, rather than on the programs they offer”. While other funders will support programs, the Foundation will help charities to improve their infrastructure. Applicant must be a registered charity. An applicant must have adopted the Code of Ethical Fundraising and Financial.
Regions/Countries of Operation: Canada

Regional Networking Project (RNP)
RNP supports cross-border collaboration and joint projects between Central and Eastern European NGOs. NGO’s applying for grants must be from countries in these regions. Program priorities include enhancing regional security and stability; advancing civil, minority and human rights; furthering economic reforms; and developing youth engagement in regional policy issues. Applications can be downloaded from the website and mailed to the Washington, D.C. office or the Budapest office.
Regions/Countries of Operation: Eastern Europe
A series of articles from BOND available via"Funding Features Archive"including the article"What’s the best way to fundraise? Plan for it!" This article, published on the BOND website, discusses the importance of basic strategy and planning for successful fundraising. Also lists relevant websites on the main BOND funding webpage

Date Published: September 2002

The above are samples from the current findings; the entire selection can be viewed in our Funding section.