South Asia Earthquake REACT Webpage - October, 2005

We have launched a new page in our REACT section, with information on the South Asia earthquake crisis.

Global Hand would like to be of support to you in your response to the South Asia earthquake.

We have launched a new page in our REACT section, with information on the crisis. (REACT stands for Responding to Emergencies with Appropriateness, Coordination and Timeliness.)

Currently, this page contains information about the types of goods needed in the situation and how donors can make them available through the Global Hand network. We hope that, as a result, you will see offers of product coming through the site which will help you in your response. This page also contains links to information sites which you may find helpful.


Are you wanting to send goods to the affected areas in South Asia, but needing partners? Please let us know. If you are looking for partners, you may also find it helpful to check out the Yellow Pages section in the Global Hand Library for a list of organisations working in your areas of interest.


What kind of products do you need for your disaster response? Blankets? Food? (If so, what kind?) Medicine? (If so, what kind?) Hygiene products? (Disinfectants, cleansers?) Cooking implements? Clothing? Tents? Water purification tablets?

Should you need goods, please feel free to post your needs here to make them public on the Global Hand site:

Please let us know if there are any other ways you see that Global Hand may be of support to you.

Warm regards, and with best wishes for your efforts,
The Global Hand team