3.3. Communications to the Public

Global Hand recommends InterAction’s PVO Standards (InterAction), where applicable to this issue.

The following is designed to be read in light of Principles, and Cross-referential Issues.

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3.3. Communications to the public

Global Hand recommends InterAction’s PVO Standards (InterAction), where applicable to this issue.


“The member organization shall be committed to full, honest, and accurate disclosure of relevant information concerning its goals, programs, finances, and governance.” Communications to the US Public Standard: 5.1, Interaction PVO Standards


“Fundraising solicitations shall be truthful, shall accurately describe the organization’s identity, purpose, programs, and need, shall only make claims which the organization can fulfill, and shall avoid placing excessive pressure on donors. There shall be no material omissions or exaggerations of fact, no use of misleading photographs, nor any other communication which would tend to create a false impression or misunderstanding. Information in the organization’s appeals should give accurate balance to the actual programs for which the funds solicited will be used. The organization shall not undertake negative advertising or criticize other member organizations to benefit themselves.” Communications to the US Public Standard: 5.2, Interaction PVO Standards


“An organization’s communications shall respect the dignity, values, history, religion, and culture of the people served by the programs. They shall neither minimize nor overstate the human and material needs of those whom it assists.” Communications to the US Public Standard: 5.3, Interaction PVO Standards

See InterAction’s PVO Standards for further detail.

Member comments:
One of our US members informed us that the section on ‘Communications to the Public’ (3.3.3) is particularly important to USA Global Hand members who are part of CFC (Combined Federal Campaign).