Shipment Follow-up

After a consignee receives the shipment, follow-up, both short term and long term, is critical to ensure adequate accountability.

We are currently researching documentation that will help us develop appropriate standards for Global Hand users. Examples include resources such as the following.

Feedback? We would be grateful to hear from you if you have:
  • Relevant resources
  • Comments or suggestions or stories
  • Stories of product unwisely/wisely placed.

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Global Hand is in the process of gathering resources such as the following.

Required Documentation – ACCORD (formerly AERDO)
One of the documents required by ACCORD is the Documentation of End-Use or Transfer. This is a document that describes where the goods ended up. It says that,“non-profits must have documentation of the final disbursement, end-use, or transfer of a given GIK donation… A verification of receipt from the recipient non-profit should also be obtained, including an indication of the program(s) in which the product will be used. In addition, the donor non-profit should obtain documentation from the recipient non-profit as to how the product was eventually used.”“This report should include demonstration of how the use of the product furthered the tax-exempt purpose of the recipient non-profit.”