From pastry seller to kiosk owner: a micro-credit success story in Ghana

Sinapi Aba Trust is an autonomous private non-governmental organization registered in 1994 as a company limited by guarantee. SAT provides microfinance services to entrepreneurs in small and micro enterprises in Ghana.

One of the entrepreneurs who has been helped by SAT is Akosua who used to sell small pastries from door to door.

When a friend told her about SAT, the largest microfinance institution in Ghana, she saw this as an opportunity to grow her business and begin on the path to self-sufficiency.

After taking out a micro-loan, Akosua was able to invest in a small kiosk in a residential area to sell smoked fish, tomatoes, eggplant, groundnuts, dried pepper, and other items. She’s been a client of SAT for a year and is now making 50 cedi (US$50) in sales a day at her kiosk, generating a daily profit of about 10 cedi (US$10).

“My husband is happy to see my business growing,” Akosua exclaims with a big grin and a hearty chuckle.

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