Enda inter-arabe: micro-credit in Tunisia

Enda inter-arabe is an international NGO operating in Tunisia. A member of ENDA Third-World based in Senegal, the organisation has been providing microcredit in Tunisia for 15 years.

One of enda inter-arabe’s borrowers is Neziha Toujani, who learned how to sew in a textile factory in Tunisia.

She later decided to change her own fate by starting to make clothes for children. She decided to turn to enda inter-arabe for assistance. Looking back, Neziha comments “the first micro-credit I obtained from enda inter-arabe helped me get out of a crippling situation and look positively towards a better future.”

Neziha shows what a resourceful woman she is. She cleverly used her first micro-credit of 300 TND to buy some second hand clothing which she skilfully turned into brand new clothes.She was even selected to take part in the 1st ever trade fair dedicated to female micro-entrepreneurs in Strasbourg (France) where she was able to meet European designers.

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