Micro Enterprise success in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Krishi Bank was established in 1973 with the objective of strengthening the rural economy by extending credit support to the agricultural and agro-based sectors. In consideration of the importance of Micro-Credit and with the objective of generating employment as well as encouraging social development BKB has undertaken several Micro-Credit programmes of its own and also in collaboration with local and foreign agencies.

The programmes have been designed to cover all segments of the poor population whether skilled or unskilled such as small and marginal farmers, landless labourers, destitute women, the disabled, unemployed youth and rural artisans etc. About 1,417,047 beneficiaries have been provided with Tk. 14469.90 million since its inception (upto 30 September,2008).

31 programmes are in operation at present. These diversified micro-credit programs have the following objectives:

  • To create employment opportunities through income generating activities.
  • To empower rural women to establish their own rights.
  • To improve the living standard of rural people.
  • To alleviate poverty .
  • To provide easy access to institutional credit facilities and resources.
  • To mobilize rural savings.
  • To optimise utilization of rural resources.
  • To engage inactive human resources in rural areas in productive/economic activities.
  • To engage rural people in development
  • To eliminate exploitation by money lenders.

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