Freedom from Hunger’s Benkadi Tongorongo association provides micro loans and group support in Mali

In rural Mali, Miama sells rice to support her family, thanks to both a microloan and the group support she receives from Freedom from Hunger’s Benkadi Tongorongo association.

The Benkadi Tongorongo association is part of the Kondo Jigima Credit with Education programme, which gives micro loans and free health education to women like Miama. She and her husband are responsible for earning the money, but it is Miama who buys food for her household of seven. Until recently, this has been a major strain. But now, Miama no longer has to worry. She’s building a thriving business and even has extra money to spend on her family.

Through the association, women pay back loans with small installments of about US$5 a week and have access to both the group support and the savings system the programme offers. According to Miama, the loans, support, and tools her group share at weekly meetings are the reason for her great success. Now, thanks to Freedom from Hunger, her income and the well-being of her family are steadily growing.

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