Jeffrey Sachs Shares on a Panel for the New UN and Business Website During the World Economic Forum

A special panel focused on business & United Nations partnerships was held during the 2010 World Economic Forum.

Jeffrey Sachs, special economic advisor to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and author of the book ‘The End of Poverty’, took part in a panel speaking on the power of partnerships. Sally Begbie, International President of Global Hand, highlighted the features of the new ‘’ website developed in collaboration with the Global Hand team.

Speaking of the new website, Sachs commented: “The new platform is a wonderful tool that is going to, I think, propel the Millennium Development Goals and so many other worthy initiatives of the UN and the business community…I’m running to my computer and telling my colleagues about it…We see it as a fantastic new platform that is going to have many, many practical applications and I can’t wait to start using it.”

The panel also featured case studies from Manpower and KPMG and ended with participants taking part in a refugee simulation.

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