Chile Humanitarian Customs Regulations

This information was submitted in response to a questionnaire distributed by Global Hand regarding humanitarian customs information. It provides regulations for importing humanitarian aid into Chile..

Required Documents

  • bill of lading/airway bill
  • commercial invoice
  • packing list
  • fumigation certificate
  • deed of donation.

Prohibited Goods

Goods that breach ethnic or proper behaviour. Goods containing drugs, food or expired medicines.

Tax Exemption

  • Applies to all humanitarian cargo and non-profit consignees
  • all goods are exempt without prior application.

Monetary Valuation

This is required for the shipment, assessed on the consignment as a whole.


  • Secondhand clothes : Sanitation and fumigation
  • Medicines: Expiration date and health certificate from receiver
  • Food: Expiration date, health certificate and/or SAF (Agricultural and Cattle Service)
  • Vegetables: SAG (Agricultural and Cattle Service) approval from receiver.


Consulate General of Chile - Hong Kong Date published: 13/01/2004


Regions / countries / territories

Americas: Chile