New version of Global Hand - January, 2010

Following the launch of the new United Nations site (, built by Global Hand, we have re-launched our own website at the end of January, 2010. This happens to fall in the immediate wake of the tragedy in Haiti which is necessitating rapid global response, given the breadth of suffering.


Our users are welcome to make offers and requests on the new version of the site, if they wish to help.

Our staff will be on standby to help shepherd any urgent measures that can bring relief to the suffering in Haiti. Time is of the essence in the rush to support those battling to save lives during these critical days.


The new website has been released for public use even as some features remain under development. Global Hand will continue to solicit feedback from users as the site begins active service.

We have introduced this new site because, as the nature of partnerships between companies and NGOs has broadened in recent times, we felt it imperative to adapt the website accordingly. The new technology offers users a wide range of partnership options including microcredit, fair trade, cause related marketing, advocacy, business solutions for the poor, gifts/services in kind, disaster assistance and ongoing work on guidelines/best practice.

The agony of Haiti is a poignant reminder of our raisin d’etre. Too often, the battle for life and death involves speed of response, international communication and the ready deployment of needed resource. Technology allows all three. We hope this new website will ultimately, therefore, see the saving of lives under threat and the improvement of lives under poverty.