New Partnership with the United Nations - January, 2010

(14 January 2010) Today sees the launch of a new website which Global Hand has built for the United Nations:

A UN press release states:

As news of the devastating earthquake in Haiti is dramatically underlining the urgency of broad support for humanitarian relief and assistance, the United Nations is launching a new website designed to match the needs of UN organisations with the resources and capacities of the private sector.

The new UN-Business partnership gateway – – will allow companies willing to contribute to the United Nations to browse through a catalogue of humanitarian needs (including appeals for Haiti relief) and partnership opportunities, or simply to submit ideas for collaboration. Based on shared interests, the site flags potential matches to be then connected directly.

At the same time, offers UN agencies interested in private sector support the opportunity to identify and describe needs and preferences, covering nearly all UN operations, from humanitarian relief to poverty reduction or HIV/AIDS prevention. was developed by Global Hand, a Hong-Kong-based NGO specialising in matching services for non-profit and for-profit organisations that partner to help a world in need. Project funding was provided by the UN Foundation.

“The new and unique UN-Business partnership gateway will play a critical role in supporting the UN’s mission,” said Georg Kell, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact. “More effectively than ever before, it will help leverage the core strengths of business in support of critical humanitarian needs and long-term development goals.”

Why has Global Hand built this new site?

  1. Firstly, to help match up corporate offers, with appropriate partners inside the United Nations.
  2. Second, where no ‘match’ can be found, company willing, to pass on those offers to accredited NGOs in the Global Hand community.

    Our goal is to see corporate goodwill harnessed, wherever possible, for a hurting world and its hurting people.