Gap Inc. and the Door launched a programme to provide job training for underprivileged youth

In 2006, Gap Inc. partnered with “The Door”, a New-York City non-profit, to launch a joint job training and internship program for under-served youth. Since then, more than 1,000 youth have participated in the training and it has expanded to additional cities in the U.S.

Gap Inc. designed the approach to provide practical work skills training to young people from less advantaged neighborhoods . The program leveraged Gap Inc. employee skills in various ways as they play a key role in everything from shaping the vision of the program to developing the curriculum, leading training sessions, and providing on-the-ground support at participating stores. 67% of interns have been hired as part-time employees at the end of their internship and 76% of youth who completed the program showed improvement in job attainment skills.

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