ConocoPhillips conducts HIV/AIDS campaign in Nigeria

ConocoPhillips’ Nigerian business unit, partners with the Nigerian Business Coalition Against AIDS (NIBUCAA) to support community-based resources and programs that recognize and seek to mitigate the social stigma and adverse impact of HIV/AIDS.

In 2006, it conducted an awareness program amongst its workforce. The theme, “In Unity We Mitigate Stigma”, was chosen because the stigma of HIV/AIDS has many negative impacts for people beyond the effect of the virus itself. The awareness program included a company presentation on its HIV/AIDS position, presentations on HIV/AIDS by NIBUCCA, presentations by people living with HIV/AIDS about their experiences, and the distribution of condoms and a demonstration of the proper use of condoms. The knowledge of how the victims maintain a normal life with the virus was shared with the aim of changing the mindset of people towards HIV/AIDS.

In 2008, ConocoPhillips organized a Community (In-School Youth) Awareness Campaign for four select secondary schools. NIBUCAA addressed the audience on the theme: “HIV & AIDS: Youths and HIV,” with special focus on Awareness and Prevention. Over 500 students from the four participating schools were reached. The drama sketch, organized by NIBUCAA, emphasized the need to “Keep the promise and stop AIDS”. The Youth Awareness Campaign had been implemented annually for three years by ConocoPhillips, in partnership with NIBUCAA.

Each year the company and NIBUCAA partner to implement the latest awareness campaign. Over the years, the campaign has succeeded in generating community enthusiasm for the programs and a continuing effort with regularly held meetings.

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