Coca-Cola joins with 46664 in the fight against HIV/AIDS

46664 has partnered with Coca-Cola South Africa to produce a campaign that gives voice and support to initiatives that fight against one of the greatest issues facing people living in Africa today — HIV/AIDS.

“Our ‘Message in a Bottle’ campaign is the culmination of four years of work driven by patience, passion and commitment,” said Julian Bryant, Marketing Manager for the Coca-Cola trademark in South Africa. “As an iconic brand which has the power to influence lives and change perceptions, it is important for Coca-Cola to have a voice and an opinion. Our ‘Hello’ campaign does just that,” he said.

In the words of Mr. Nelson Mandela, “HIV/AIDS is not a disease any more, it’s a human rights issue.” But even though it is a pandemic of pain, loss and unbearable grief, the team behind the campaign purposely tried to set a tone that was positive with a message that we can all make a difference.

A mass outdoor campaign is planned for the two weeks leading up to 46664 World AIDS Day Concert on December 1. “We are going to randomly place one million empty iconic Coke bottles around the country with a message from Nelson Mandela in them,” said Michelle Wright, Senior Brand Manager for the Coca-Cola trademark in South Africa.

Commenting on the campaign, 46664 International Director Tim Massey said: “The Hello Campaign illustrates the power of partnerships between corporates and charities to realize a common goal — in this case to increase awareness about HIV /AIDS. Coca Cola’s generous donation will be used to fund the 46664 outreach activities, while the TV commercial and the outdoor activation will ensure that the 46664 campaign remains highly visible, and that Mr Mandela’s appeal for help is heard by most
South Africans.”


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