Toyota works with National Center for Family Literacy to provide support for family literacy programs

In 1991, Toyota Motors of North America (TMA) began its longstanding partnership with the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL). NCFL is an organization that has pioneered the concept of family literacy, to establish model programs throughout the country.

NCFL is a non-profit organisation which provides educational and social services for families in the United States. TMA has supported NCFL since 1991, in which time it has provided more than US$19 million in funding.

Family literacy integrates adult education, children’s education and parent training into one comprehensive program. In family literacy programs, parents and children work and learn together, giving parents an opportunity to actively participate in their children’s educational development, improving their own skills at the same time.

In March 2003, the Toyota Family Literacy Program (TFLP), designed for Latino and other immigrant families, was begun with a US$3.2 million contribution from TMA. The program was initiated in five cities across the nation in the same year: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC and Providence.

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