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We are a not-profit organisation that saves lives and the environment by recovering usable medical supplies and equipment (that was destined for landfill) and redistributing it as humanitarian aid to developing countries.

We have a tangible positive impact on both the environment and to people’s lives. Our waste reduction program has a measurable impact to environmental sustainability. Our humanitarian program has a very tangible and measurable impact to people’s lives in the poorest communities in our world.

Our driving force is the reality that in our world illness is universal but access to care is not. Our mission is to try balance the inequality between the access to health resources in developed countries and non-developed countries. We do this by providing, free of charge, usable medical equipment and supplies that our health care system in Australia no longer wants and would otherwise go to landfill, to the poorest and most disadvantaged communities in our world.

We follow a simple 5 step process:
. Recover
MedEarth recovers medical supplies and equipment from various health systems that would otherwise be discarded to landfill. This usable medical surplus is still safe, but typically is discarded because of insurance regulations, hospital inventory systems, renovations and equipment updates.

2. Sort
MedEarth receives these supplies in our warehouse and distribution centre and sorts all incoming medical supply donations. By separating incoming donations into individual item types, MedEarth can completely customise orders for our recipients.

3. Assess
Potential recipients must complete an application form to request medical supplies and equipment to support humanitarian aid. MedEarth then builds a customised order based on a needs assessment. A key focus of this is our due diligence process to ensure that the items requested can be used at their destination, we do not want to create waste somewhere else. This process also enables to us to assess the number of lives we impact as they provide us with details about the communities they serve, the population, socio-economic and health conditions.

4. Distribute
MedEarth fulfils orders of all sizes – from small boxes to large cargo containers, and works with recipients to help these shipments reach their final destinations across the world.

5. Save lives and save the environment
The medical items they save from landfill and send overseas promote a healthier planet and healthier communities.

We record exactly what we recover and what we distribute. We know exactly where we have recovered items from and to whom they are redistributed. We report back to equipment donors so that they can report on the impact their donations have made.

Every year we report our environmental outcomes and impact to the Register of Environmental Organisations which is part of the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy. We also report as per regulations to regulations to ASIC and the ACNC.

In 2019 we saved AUD2 million worth of medical equipment and supplies from unnecessarily going to landfill and we shipped 7 containers of those saved items to the disadvantaged communities in our world.


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