Royal Society of Theology (RST): Centre for Theological Learning/Education and Social Research

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RST is a young and dynamic research foundation established in 2017 and is committed to promoting excellence in theological and social research, freedom of thought and rigorous intellectual standards. The organization believes that education is for freedom and that learning is the one and only genuine way to human self-discovery, human understanding and human progress.

Nature and Character of RST

The adjective “royal,” meaning “relating or belonging to a monarch or the family of the monarch (Kings),” is here deliberately employed to communicate the “dignity” of the foundation.
RST is a Community of dignitaries – men (I am using “men” in a generic sense, please) of worth and value; a community of responsible human beings leading a responsible life.
Having said that, let me now go further to substantiate on the nature of “dignity” I am referring to here.
Our dignity, permit me to bluntly put it, is not political nor economical; it is not religious, but “academic.” I have put academic in care (quote) because I do not have in mind general notion attached to the term. I am not here thinking of “academic levels/degrees” and “academic titles.” The error of confusing and mistaking " academic certificates" for knowledge and “academic titles” for academic authority must TOTALLY be rejected and discouraged here. Our knowledge is not on paper (certificate); and our strength/authority is not in title! We are not “title-bearers!” – we are “knowledge-bearers.” We have nothing to do with your certificate, but YOU; we need YOU not your certificate! YOU are the certificate!!!
Our dignity is in our ability to learn, change and grow. Our dignity is in our ability to to be critical, creative and open-minded. Our dignity is in our ability to engage in dialogue with ourselves, dialogue with God and dialogue with the world. Our dignity is in our ability to discover ourselves, be self-actualized and be “free” persons. Our dignity is in our ability to live and order our lives from within and not from without.
RST therefore is a centre for learning (re-learning and un-learning), research and discoveries; it is a Centre for rigorous intellectual dialogue. It is a Centre for questionings, displacements and replacements of ideas. It is a Centre for the recreation of a new world: “a Learning Society!”

Programs and Activities of RST

A. Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion – Taught/Research
B. Biblical and Church History – Taught/Research
C. Philosophy – Taught/Research
D. Psychology – Taught/Research
E. Sociology – Taught/Research
F. Creation and Ecology – Taught
G. Communication and Identity – Taught
H. Peace Studies – Taught/Research

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Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

Less than 500,000

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