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Seeds of Enrichment is a community based organization registered with Amuria district local government under registration number 111. It was formed in 2015 as an intervention measure on the after effects of the Lord Resistance Army incursion into the region couple with the HIV/Aids scourge that had robbed the region of the energetic young men leaving behind increased number of orphans, widows, child headed homes, declining economy and destruction of infrastructural developments such as schools, hospitals and roads.
Seeds of Enrichment operates in the sub- counties of Akoromit, Obalanga, Kapelebyong and Okungur in the present district of Kapelebyong bordering Karamoja Sub – region.


o Realizing sustainable development and self-reliance with families of the orphans and vulnerable children and other community members. “We offer a hand up, not hand out.”
o To promote education as means of empowering the disadvantaged children.
o To empower the communities with knowledge and skills on how to sustain their families economically through creation of income generating initiatives.
o To promote hygiene, water and sanitation within the communities we work in.
o To provide the communities with clean water sources and promotion of water harvesting technologies.
o Improve on the welfare of the grandparents /foster families so that they can care for a generation of orphans whose parents have passed away as a result of HIV/Aids and other ailments.
o Build partnerships with other civil society originations with similar objectives to enhance our services.

o Seeds of enrichment is built on the core values of honesty, generosity and compassion for those in need. We are dedicated to working with individuals and communities to eliminate poverty, suffering, injustice and economic burden.
o Livelihood improvement and income generation.
o Education.
o Water and Sanitation improvement
o Health.


Seeds of Enrichment through the support of friends from Canada, has implemented livelihood support projects whereby more than 200 goats, 100 sheep, 100 pineapple suckers and 50 KTB beehives were given out to more than 300 orphans and vulnerable and their families in the sub counties of Akoromit, Obalanga, Kapelebyong in the present district of Kapelebyong bordering. This is to enable the families of these children to cater for their basic needs like education, health, good shelter and clothing with ease.

We have also given out scholastic materials ranging from books, pencils, pens and schools bags and sporting items such as balls and skipping ropes to the orphans and vulnerable children in Akoromit, Obalanga, Kapelebyong and Okungur Sub – counties in the present Kapelebyong district.



Year established


Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

1 million - 100 million

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We have been partnering with our sister organization in Canada and our task has always been to do the implementation bit of it then all accountabilities are forwarded to them in Canada.So far it has been a great partnership because since 2015 up now, we have been working together without any problem.

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