Butakoola Village Association for Development

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Butakoola Village Association for Development (BUVAD) is a not for profit organization operational in rural areas of Kayunga District in Uganda (East Africa). BUVAD started its work way back in 2006 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) operational in Kayunga Sub County, registered under the Gender and Culture Department of Kayunga District in Uganda (E.A) and was approved as an Non Government Organization (NGO) by the NGO Board, on the 11th of May 2011.
Our NGO Registration number is S . 5914/8930

BUVAD is an indigenous founded organization, which with a humble beginning started its work way back in 2000, as an initiative of concerned born-children of the area. On realizing the challenges that their community always faced, these born-children undertook numerous sensitizations by the central government and were prompted to set up an association whose background would be able to collectively address the community challenges for a better life.

BUVAD has a vision of realizing an improved standard of living for the people of Kayunga District and Uganda as a whole.

Its mission is to promote human values for the people of Kayunga such that they may realize their full potential towards development for a sustainable living in future.

BUVAD’s schedule of programs include;
• Water Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH)
• Women and child rights advocacy
• Educational Support and care to the Orphaned – Vulnerable Children and Youths
• Women Micro Loan Programme
• Commercial agriculture
• Networking and partnership with related agencies
• Sunflower growing for cooking oil extraction
• Environmental protection through Waste Plastic bottles accumulation management, using them as bricks to construct durable rain-water harvesting tanks and toilets for primary schools.

1. Transparency and proper maintenance of financial records.
2. Sticking on the set vision and mission of its programs.
3. Respect for humanity and advocating for it in all forums.
4. Net working with partner agencies that share similar vision for the benefit of society.
5. Respect for donor partnership principles


a) Orphaned Vulnerable Children and Youths
b) Women groups
c) Child mothers
d) Child headed families
e) The aged and disadvantaged
f) Disadvantaged homesteads

BUVAD intends to extend its services all over the whole country of Uganda.

Membership to BUVAD is open to all.

Rural communities of Kayinga District in Uganda (East Africa).

Kayunga District has a total population of 294,613 people, of which 143,099 are male and 151,514 are female. 274,629 (93.3%) people of the District population dwell in rural areas. (2002 population census)

Currently the sex ratio is 95 males to 100 females and the population density is 213 persons per sq km.

Kayunga District Size is a total land area of 1810 sq km. It lies between 1000-1200m above see level. It is generally flat with no remarkable hills and a smaller part of it is a wetland (Ssezibwa).There is Lake Kyoga in the northern part.

Kayunga District has a cultural diversity of more than 52 tribes, some of which are immigrants from the neighboring countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania and as far away as India.

The life lead by the people in this area and Kayunga District as a whole is quite unacceptable with limited or no access to the basic necessities of life like; safe water, food, shelter, clothing, bedding and medical services.



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Less than 500,000

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1. Uganda Water and Sanitation Network (UWASNET) in Uganda. 2. Global Water Project 3. Africa Adapt

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