Syrian Refugees

Global Hand has been actively supporting Syrian refugees in France, Lebanon, Jordan and Greece.

If you would like to donate goods, please let us know. Not all goods are appropriate for all situations, but right goods can provide wonderful and strategic support. We are in touch with those on the ground and can let you know the best use of potential donations.

Through our logistics partners, we can usually find a way to reach the above countries with appropriate products. Refugee logistic support can be challenging but our partners are experienced in getting the job done.

Additionally, at this particular, time, we have a special project with one of our partners in Greece, working on Lesvos Island. Refugees from Syria and elsewhere continue to take the perilous trip across the ocean from Turkey, seeking to enter the EU via Greece.

The camps are currently handling twice the number they were set up for and resources cannot keep up. Our partner on the ground there is looking for the following immediate needs:

  • Medicine. If you can donate medicine, you could literally be saving lives. We can give you a detailed list of those needed. Please contact us here if you can help.
  • Solar lights: Power is a major issue in the area and we have a special project supporting a solar solution. If you would like to support that, you can donate here through our main Crossroads donation conduit. Tax deductibility is available in the UK, US, Australia and Hong Kong. Please specify ‘solar lights’ in the text box.
  • The camps are also looking for volunteer teachers to ensure the refugee children here to not lose years of learning. If you’re interested, email us at


Regions / countries / territories

Europe: Greece