Lebanon Disaster Response

On August 4th, a massive explosion caused devastation in Beirut. At the beginning, the tragedy was described as an explosion ‘in the port’, but, as the days went by, a clearer picture emerged. We have spoken with partners there who told us, “Imagine 41 kilometres from your place. That’s how far the damage extended.” With each day’s news, too, we found the number of lives impacted increased. Roads were badly damaged and buildings heavily affected. All of this in a country which already had a weakened economy and is facing heavy impact from Covid-19.

Our partners on the ground have indicated that their most urgent need is food for people suffering, baby supplies, money and building materials, particularly glass.

If you have goods to donate, from anywhere in the world, we will seek to find partners on the ground who may need them. Email enquiries@globalhand.org

If you would like to support this heart-breaking situation, please donate here through our main Crossroads donation conduit. Tax deductibility is available in the UK, US, Australia and Hong Kong. Please indicate in the text box that your donation is to support the Lebanon disaster.