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Last updated: Wednesday, 06 July, 2005

Reliefweb – South Asia: Earthquake & Tsunami Dec 2004
ReliefWeb is an information portal for humanitarian emergencies, providing situation reports, press releases, maps and other documents from the UN system, governments and NGOs.

United Nations Joint Logistics Centre (UNJLC) Indian-Ocean
“The UNJLC exists to co-ordinate and optimise the logistics capabilities of humanitarian agencies in large-scale emergencies. The Indian-Ocean UNJLC website includes customs procedures, infrastructure and supply chain updates, and other information relating to Tsunami affected countries. It also hosts a web-log detailing several offers of goods, including water containers, generators and various freight opportunities. Please contact UNJLC for further details on these offers.

Disaster Resource Network (DRN)
“The Disaster Resource Network (DRN) seeks to streamline the delivery of industry resources to the disaster site. Following a request from the United Nations, the Disaster Resource Network has managed the flow of aid arriving in Colombo airport, Sri Lanka, and has also assisted with aid arriving in Indonesia.

Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA) Information Centre

The Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies in has opened an Information Centre for Sri Lanka. The website includes a list of agencies operating in Sri Lanka, an organisation activity map, detailed daily reports, and weather information.
Sri Lanka National Disaster Management Centre
The Sri Lanka National Disaster Management Centre lists current requests for relief items and humanitarian assistance that are “being updated on this site on an hourly basis and matched against recourses and supplies available." The site also lists offers and has information on volunteer needs.

Net Hope
NetHope is a global initiative of several collaborating international non-governmental organisations, to apply the power of information and communication technologies to make a positive impact on educational, environmental, healthcare and relief services.

Wikipedia – 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake
Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia, provides a detailed summary of the events surrounding the Tsunami and an overview of the humanitarian, economic and environmental impact.

South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog
This web-based log lists news and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts. It contains a ‘Help Offered’ page and a ‘Help Needed’ page, detailing offers and requests from individuals and organisations.


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