Ambitious For Change Generations - Uganda

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Ambitious For achange Generations – Uganda (A.C.G.U) is a community based organization based in Nsaggu village, Wakiso District, Uganda. The organization was established to transform the mindset of the youth to make them holistically self reliant and to make them ambassadors of change in their respective communities.

ACGU was established to address a multiplicity of challenges the youths in Nsaggu village and the surrounding communities are facing which include:
high rates of school dropouts before completing primary course, high levels of unemployment, theft and robbery, prostitution, low levels of development to mention but a few. All the above challenges are believed to have been a result of “khat growing”, which has left many youth out of school for khat picking, khat trading, supplying water for watering khat plantations mainly during dry seasons.

Many of the youths in this community refuse to go far with studies because they don’t have role models to show them the way to go. There is lack of parental guidance as most of the parents are illiterates. The fact that there is only one government aided school in Nsaggu parish which does not offer secondary curriculum school, this makes learning very difficult as all the learner are going to secondary schools far a way.

ACGU is thus formed to help transforming the mind set of local community.

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