Windows of Hope Zimbabwe

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Windows of Hope started in 2004 as a church response to the impact of HIV and AIDS. The current windows operating include : Livelihoods through income generating activities as well as community gardens for supporting people living with HIV and AIDS. Livelihoods team also runs a goat project and help the kids who are still taking milk to help them with their nutrition. Palliative care window helps people who are HIV and AIDS positive to get medication and helped to adhere to their timetables and sticking to taking the medication and learn more on opportunistic infection. Another window is the orphans and vulnerable children where psycho-social camps and life skills are learned by the kids and their trainers. Another window is the schools mid week and week end like skills and self esteem motivational outreaches. Volunteers and a few full time members conduct all the windows. Their competencies is mainly based on the skills the volunteers and staff have acquired over the years. The rest of the country is well covered and also there is a staff component of 7 people and 1000 volunteers. The capacity is being able to train volunteers and also be able to be accepted with transforming interventions and also the Church is ready to help.


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Education and training; Financial accessibility and management; HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, all (3)