Unilever helps fight blindness in Nigeria

Unilever is collaborating with Sightsavers International and the Sokoto State Ministry of Health to support trachoma control and prevention project in Nigeria.

Trachoma is a virulent eye infection spread by flies, which leads to blindness. The disease is common in areas (especially Northern Nigeria) with poor access to water and sanitation. According to global statistics, one person goes blind every 5 seconds and every one minute a child goes blind. To this end therefore, Unilever’s donation of US$ 38000 is targeted at restoring the sight of victims of the disease who are on the verge of going blind, rehabilitation of victims who have already gone blind as well as in prevention of the spread of the disease. In 2005, Unilever donated US$15 000 to support Sightsavers’ work distributing antibiotics and conducting restorative surgery for those suffering from advanced stages of the disease.

Sight Savers International has treated 2.9 million people for eye conditions, protected 8.8 million people from river blindness and operated 176, 086 people of cataract. The organisation has also trained 11,980 eye Care and Rehabilitation workers, and educated 11,534 blind people on rehabilitation. Unilever is proud to be associated with this noble cause as we together brace up to stamp out Trachoma in Sokoto State. The education campaign has reached over 2.3 million people using radio, posters and public meeting places such as mosques to spread its message.

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