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Rotary Corrimal Village Project


The Rotary Corrimal Village Project is an initiative of the Corrimal Rotary Club in Australia. The project provides houses (in the shape of raw materials for self-build), food and medical assistance to the inhabitants of Bohol in the Philippines. Assistance is targeted especially at children and...

Global Concern


Global Concern is an international Christian organisation that works to alleviate poverty in developing countries by providing assistance and training to help people obtain skills necessary for sustainable development. Global Concern aims to demonstrate that a concern and response to global...

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Business Call to Action


The Business Call to Action (BCTA) is a focal point for mobilising the efforts of companies to contribute to the MDGs through their core business expertise. A key aspect of this initiative is to encourage companies dealing with developing countries to adapt their business models to help improve the...

ChildFund Australia


ChildFund Australia is a child-focused NGO that works directly with community leaders and families in developing countries to create lasting and meaningful change. ChildFund Australia strive to make the world a safer, healthier and happier place for children by designing programs that support...

One Just World


One Just World is a partnership that organises a national series of free, after-work speakers’ forums aimed at involving the community in conversation and debate on key international development issues facing Australia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond. It is a partnership between World Vision...

ChildFund Australia


ChildFund Australia (CFA)(formerly Christian Child Fund of Australia) is an organisation focused on reducing poverty and improving the well-being of children through partnership with developing communities worldwide. Current projects focus on microenterprise development and psychosocial support...

Australian Relief & Mercy Services Ltd (ARMS)


Australian Relief&Mercy Services Ltd (ARMS), the Mercy Ministries arm of Youth With A Mission Australia, trains people to work with the poor, and initiates and maintains micro-enterprise, primary health care, and other projects among the poor. ARMS provides emergency aid, in the form of small cash...

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Customs Authorities - Webpages


Customs Authorities - Webpages, by Jetta Express, provides links to those countries which have customs authorities webpages.

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Customs Guide - Australia


Customs Guide - Australia, a web portal of the Australian Customs Service, provides information about import and export documents, policies, and procedures.

Donate NZ


Donate NZ is a portal where individuals, organisations and companies can donate goods, time and discounts to schools and not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand. Would-be donors list what they have to offer, while recipients have the opportunity to accept what they want. No money is...