Tonga Humanitarian Customs Regulations

This document was submitted in response to a questionnaire distributed by Global Hand regarding humanitarian customs information. It provides regulations for importing humanitarian aid into Tonga.

Required Documents

  • bill of lading/airway bill;* commercial invoice;* packing list;* fumigation certificate;* deed of donation;* certificate of origin;* export license.

Prohibited Goods

Weapons, cigarettes, liquor, pornographic items, fireworks are all prohibited.

Tax Exemption

Goods that qualify under the Tonga charitable tariff exemption are exempt.

PreShipment Application

Not applicable.

Monetary Valuation

This is required for the consignment as a whole and on an individual Item basis, in any currency, but preferably in US dollars.


Foodstuff has to be currently usable.

Other Info

Organisations must comply with quarantine&health regulation. Please contact source if more information required.


Customs and Excise Department Date published: 29/08/2002


Regions / countries / territories

Oceania: Tonga