McDonalds funds the education of Australian children on the importance of supporting seriously ill children

Since 1990, Camp Quality has been reaching primary school children through the McDonald’s Camp Quality Puppets, funded by Macdonald’s Australia.

Camp Quality is a nonprofit organization that is committed to bringing hope and happiness to every child living with cancer, their families and communities through ongoing quality recreational, educational, hospital and financial support programs. The puppet program was originally created to facilitate a smooth return to school for children who had received cancer treatment and has since made more than 10,000 visits to schools, restaurants and hospitals nationally reaching in excess of three million children Australia wide.

They use almost life-size puppets, and show that children should become more aware of the need to be caring and supportive of children who have cancer. The program also promotes anti-bullying and optimistic behaviors. The shows have developed to reflect breakthroughs in cancer treatment with language for savvy school children. The puppets, Kylie, Dean and Melissa, show the importance of friendship and promote human values.

A key element to the McDonald’s Camp Quality Puppets Program is engaging with the kids in a two-way conversation which has achieved the best learning outcomes. The performance facilitates discussion and encourages children to ask questions in a fun and safe environment. Some of the themes which can be difficult for young kids to process are delivered through the fun of a puppet show that is held in the familiar environment of their school, and with their friends and teachers there with them.

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