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The British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group (BAAG) was set up by British NGOs in 1987 as an umbrella group to draw public attention to the humanitarian needs of the population of Afghanistan and of Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan.

Recent events in Afghanistan have further highlighted the need to ensure that humanitarian needs remain on the agenda of the international community. Over the years the BAAG Project has built on its expertise and knowledge and its staff are widely regarded as an authoritative source of information on Afghanistan. BAAG is widely regarded as one of the most effective networks of its kind and over the years has developed in order to meet changing needs: however its central role has remained the same:

  • To facilitate the sharing and provision of accurate information and analysis about Afghanistan, in particular the political, economic and humanitarian situation
  • To facilitate discussion over policy and good practice issues in relation to the delivery of relief and development assistance to Afghanistan
  • To act as a focal point for the network of the BAAG member agencies
  • To raise the profile of Afghanistan with policy makers, donors and the public


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Community development; Education and training; Food security and nutrition; HIV/AIDS, all (5)