Centre d'Education Permanente (CEP)

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Centre d’Education Permanente (CEP) is a local organization based in Buterere zone, province of Bujumbura. CEP was created in 1998 in order to support girls education, women empowerment, and to address women needs and problems. Being strategically located among women families, the CEP provides participatory development, education and improves the life conditions of women and children so that they can bear one another’s burden .

The association was registered as non profit organization with the government of the Republic of Burundi under ministerial number 530/ 150/ du 21/03/2001. The organization particularly targets women and children, the most vulnerable members of the society; it addresses issues of Education formal and non formal, Agriculture and livestock management, training skills and, women empowerment through civic education, gender based violence, sexual violence ,domestic violence, early marriage, caring for orphans, marginalized children and youth with peace. It works with the communities at large to identify core problem

An empowered community that is in charge of its own development processes and has been tackling issues of poverty passively and realized social economic and justice

CEP exists to support the most vulnerable people of the community, specifically women, girls, and orphan children in Buterere street and to build the capacity, knowledge and ability to take control of their lives.
To develop and enhance the social, economic, psychological and capacity building of vulnerable individuals so as to be responsible for their development process towards a dignified living.

- Wrestling against poverty and illiteracy
- To support women and girls to improve their life conditions through empowerment and training
- Wrestling against sexual and gender based violence among women
- To make women and girls productive and useful in the society
- Education: supporting girls and children education
- Promotion of justice and Peace
- Wrestling against violence and abuse committed to women and girls

- Education
- Training and empowerment skills
- Agricultural
- Girls and children school sponsorship
- Organizing seminars and workshops for women education on abuse and violence

Education and Training Empowerment Skills
- The CEP has already supported children education by school fees and materials

- The CEP has initiated a computer training school for vulnerable youths, girls and boys in the community. That program was supported by Crossroad Foundation
- The CEP has initiated a tailoring and sewing training for girls and women in the community. That program was supported by the Associeted Country Women of the World (ACWW) UK

- The CEP initiated a women farming project in Gatumba village in order to sustain their income. That program was financed by ACWW in London.
- The CEP initiated a women farming project in Buterere village in order to sustain their income generating. That program was financed by African Women Development Fund in Ghana

- The CEP has organized the workshops and seminars on non violence and non killing in order to build a society without violence and killing, financed by the Dr Glenn D.Paige of the CGNV Hawaii



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