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World Conference on Disaster Management, June 19 - 22, 2011.


The Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness (CCEP) is presenting the 18th World Conference on Disaster Management. The annual conference gathers experts from across the globe in order to address challenges from all disciplines of disaster and emergency management. Over 1,800 Disaster Management...

Medical Missions Programme - University of Notre Dame


Medical Missions Programme - University of Notre Dame web site provides information on volunteering with independently-sponsored domestic and international medical missions.

CARE Food Resources Manual


CARE Food Resources Manual contains basic information and guidance in planning and establishing a supply chain to deliver food aid.

Anti-Corruption Gateway for Europe and Eurasia


The Anti-Corruption Gateway is an online resource that serves as an easily accessible repository of anti-corruption project documentation, legislation and news. It also presents regional and international agreements and survey results from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and has...

Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2006 (WHO, ICRC, MSF, UNICEF, UNHCR & others)


The Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2006 (IEHK 2006) is the third edition of the WHO Emergency Health Kit which was the first such kit when it was launched in 1990. This updated third edition takes into account the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, the increasing parasite resistance to commonly available...

Business Call to Action


The Business Call to Action (BCTA) is a focal point for mobilising the efforts of companies to contribute to the MDGs through their core business expertise. A key aspect of this initiative is to encourage companies dealing with developing countries to adapt their business models to help improve the...

Information on Packing Products for Shipping


The web page is from the U.S. Government's export portal and contains useful information on packing products for shipping overseas. It also contains other related information such as tariff, import fees, inspections and Incoterms.

Virtual library on international development - Bangladesh page


A collection of links to international development resources on the internet, including lists of NGOs, government organisations, development statistics, and related documents.

Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network (NTEN) - Nonprofit Technology Conference, New Orleans, 17-19 March, 2011


NTEN is an association of professionals and technology providers seeking to improve the nonprofit sector's use of technology. Effective technology can help nonprofits to achieve greater social impact. At the annual technology conference, breakout groups are scheduled, including topics such as...

Promotora del Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (PROCOMER)


Promotora del Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (PROCOMER) website provides general information on importing to Costa Rica. The site has a large index of air freight and shipping companies that transport goods in and out of Costa Rica. Also the site provides up to date information on Costa Rica's...