Peniel Insitute of Technology

(For-profit organisation)

Mission: ​Build a coding school in Haiti which aims to empower disadvantaged communities by providing educational and employment opportunities to youth in inner cities. This well equipped and educated youth would later use this knowledge to build a better Haiti.

1) Intelligence and ingenuity are equally distributed around the world, but equal opportunities are not. Peniel Institute of Technology offers a completely FREE education to bright individuals in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Haiti, followed with employment opportunities, and later help them embark in entrepreneurship.

2) Technology companies around the world need a faster and more economical way to recruit talent for their business. By partnering with this institute, they will have instant access to a group of brilliant people who have followed an intensive program and who amassed practical expertise and valuable soft skills.

Vision: ​The Haitian economy is desperately in need of an increase of GDP via national production and export. Peniel Institute of Technology believes that they can propel growth in the technology sector in Haiti to create jobs, and facilitate technology to become an impactful factor of Haiti economic development.

The organization is still at early stage of development and would be considered by many as simply a concept. However, the team firmly believes that history is made by those who dare to dream big and to back it up by a strong work ethic.

Peniel Institute of Technology would love to partner with any organization who share the mission and vision.


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