Save Darfur Coalition

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The Save Darfur Coalition is an advocacy group calling for international intervention in the Darfur genocide in the Eastern African state of Sudan. Based in the United States, it is a coalition of more than 180 religious, political, and human rights organizations designed to campaign for a response to the atrocities of the War in Darfur, in the three Sudanese federal states that make up the region of Darfur. The result has become a global humanitarian crisis, with official estimates averaging around 299,000, as of early 2010, as a result of ethnic cleansing, disease and starvation.

Save Darfur is committed to the goals including:
-Ending the violence against civilians;
-Facilitating adequate and unhindered humanitarian aid;
-Establishing conditions for the safe and voluntary return of displaced people to their homes;
-Promoting the long-term sustainable development of Darfur; and
-Holding the perpetrators accountable.


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