Mawoudit Foundation (MaDF)

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Mawoudit Foundation (MaDF) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization founded in 2018 to promote girl child education, provide sport clothes and help poor people in South Sudan. MaDF actively participates the democratic changes in the country towards promoting interdependence, mutual respect, cooperation, transparency, and accountability.

MaDF foundation encourages girl child education, sports, people with disability especially women and vulnerable people to join the mainstreams of live, promote their education level and skills to reach sustainable life.
MaDF foundation will establish a girl’s school in the year 2020 which is named Mawoudit Foundation Girls Primary and Secondary Schools (MaDFPSS) will sponsor 40 girls. The school directly follows the curriculum and the syllabus of the Ministry of General Education and Instruction from grade 1-8 and form 1- 4. The formal section of the institution will trains mostly hundreds of girls whose age ranges from 7-25 years who are not charged any training fees. The Non-formal section of the institution offers free educational skill training to girls and youths from different society groups including from poor families, minority groups, families headed by person with disability (Pwd) as well as youths with disabilities.

MaDF Foundation will also run the vocational training center to strength the capacities, skills of the vulnerable and marginalized people to enable them attain sustainable development. The Foundation will run its activities the contribution of founders, members, and Diaspora and donors funded projects.
Extra-curricular activities that engage students and staff and that enrich and enhance the education. The Mawoudit Foundation also awards scholarship monies to students who pursue secondary education.

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