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Teamwork Children Centre (TWCC) was founded in 2004 by Lawrence Ihans who had a vision of thousands of children’s workers going to every continent of the earth to preach the gospel. People of many different backgrounds, ages, cultures and denominations participate in TWCCs vast spectrum of evangelistic activities. Each year, over 500 children’s workers are involved in TWCC as students or volunteers and about 100.000 children has been reach. TWCC has sent mobile ministries into some countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

TWCC embraces four methods of action :

1) Evangelism / Training :

The evangelistic ministries include activities in the inner cities, International primary schools fellowship (IPSF), sporting events, door-to-door ministry, music bands etc. This prepares workers to reach others. The Legacy Training School (LTS) provides training for a first step into finding the calling for their lives and a trans cultural experience.

2) Education :

The most important mercy ministry is to set up Nursery and Primary School in needing communities call Child Concern International school in the Gambia. Two locations were set up : Serrekunda and London Conner to provide Free English Clubs to every primary school and adult, to provide Art education for for children and life in sport program using sports to transform children

3) Children Global House Prayer :

Mobilizing Christians to pray for their children’s in their nations, cities, communities villages, schools, churches and families e,g (Sav Armenia Children’s Now)


The organization helps the children and community in need with kinds and in cash. Container from Crossroad has been received and that the entire schools in the community benefited.


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