Action for Peace and Development (APDO)

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The people of South Sudan need a lot of support in terms of peace building to be able to meet socio-economic needs of the communities at grass root level.
Action for Peace and Development Organization (APDO) was established by the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC) of South Sudan in 2014. The organization intends to provide access to justice and peace building, food security, health, socio-economic empowerment, evangelism and welfare, sexual gender based violence / child protection and education services to the needy communities and population of South Sudan.


APDO exists to advocate for peaceful co-existence, ensure better health services, improve food security, fostering socio economic development, reduce SGBV, ensure child protection and strengthen quality education for all.


2.1. Justice and Peace Building (JPB)

• Conflict resolutions and peace building initiative
• Sensitization on good governance and rule of law
• Community dialogue on land ownership among others

2.2. Agriculture and Food Security (AFS)

• Lobby for the provision of mechanized tools and improved seeds
• To coordinate with the ministry of agriculture for technical and advice for intervention.
• To sensitize community on environmental protection
• Introduction of irrigation system

2.3. Socio-economic Empowerment (SEE)

• Advocacy on peace, reconciliation and development
• Awareness on peace building
• Training on various skills through initiation of vocational program
• Income generating activity (IGA) program to the single mothers and youth

2.4. Health

• Sensitize community on casting slabs for latrines, personal hygiene and sanitation
HIV/AIDs awareness campaign
• Psychosocial support to the PLWHIV / AIDs and counseling at VCT centers
• Establish mobile clinic program
• Improve the standard of health facilities through provisions of drugs
• Initiation of micro finance and association for PLW/HIV/AIDs

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