Associação Livro Aberto

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Associação Livro Aberto serves to nurture the development of children’s literacy skills by coaching adults to provide access to quality literacy models, materials, and learning experiences that motivate children to learn to read and write, ultimately fostering a culture of reading for pleasure in Mozambique.

Livro Aberto or ‘Open Book’ is a Mozambican registered non-profit association, children’s library and literacy organization founded in 2007. Livro Aberto is based in Maputo, Mozambique.


The association believes that books and the empowerment and enjoyment that comes through literacy, should be a part of everyone’s world. In Mozambique, all children should have access to the resources and skills to successfully gain enjoyment and strength through literacy.


To bring empowerment and enjoyment through literacy to children throughout the country, through community and school library programs and literacy workshops.

Livro Aberto focuses on filling the gaps in literacy education and print resource access for children in Mozambique. Livro Aberto not only provides experiences with books, but expert literacy workshops modeling and supporting the skills requisite for success in reading and writing. By enabling adults to read and write, the culture for reading within homes and schools will grow. Adults who are empowered through literacy encourage their children to learn to read and write, breaking the cycle of poverty that illiteracy perpetuates.

In communities and schools across Mozambique, Livro Aberto provides programming for children and trainings for adults how to implement literacy instruction through a daily or weekly Community Library Program (CLP). Using the instructional strategies including “My Choice Reading” (a hands-on personal experience with books), literacy skills modelled through Read Alouds with children, and learning to read and write through Interactive Learning Activities based on the stories read, ensures that children are learning through quality child-centered instruction that is both fun and meaningfully crafted around stories. With first hand experiences with books and literacy models, children are learning a value for reading and how to read. Creative writing experiences based on themes from stories that are applied to their own lives, also contribute to children’s writing and communication skills. Occurring in both community and school environments, CLPs provide essential literacy skill modelling and coaching that is absent in many Mozambican homes and schools.


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