AGRO-NORTE, Farmers and Cattle Association, Cape Verde

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Cape Verde are 10 islands located in west side of Africa. It is a country surrounded by the ocean with very limited resources. It rains 3 months out of the whole year and is very difficult to mobilize water for multiple use at the household level or for sanitation. Communities live of subsistence agriculture and fishing. Water for agriculture is even more challenging to mobilize. A single mother heads most families. There is a constant struggle to support their family members financially. Because of lack of financial resources, kids often do not go to school.

AGRO-NORTE is a small community based non-profit organization, located in Cape Verde islands, working to improve the lives of its members, especially women and children. The organization mobilizes financial resources by making partnership with various institutions and organizations around the world. They aim for projects in agriculture through irrigation, using modern technology to save water, sustainable sanitation, cattle raising, chicken farming and fishing to provide the best work opportunities for Cape Verdean communities. There is also a need to empower women in their community, in order for them to be self-sufficient, thereby fighting inequality and injustice as well. The joint work is to provide means that allow them to improve their lives economically and socially, fighting to alleviate hunger.

The president of AGRO-NORTE would like to establish partnerships and cooperation with any institution able of promoting and financing their projects to end this trend here. The organization would also compromise to divulge the name and the mission statement of the financier.

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Less than 500,000

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