Ururka Dhalinyarada Gobolada Waqooyi Ee Midnimo (Org)

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Youth Organization for Northern Regions (YONOR) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2016 and registered Somalia Government in 13 February 2017 in Mogadishu.

YONOR is an organization for the Somali youth to get a job opportunity for the Somalia Government, to contribute to the reconstruction of the country and the good governance. Somali youth are central to their country.
Youth Organization for Northern Regions (YONOR) is organization for development youth, its aims to create/provide Somali youth with the opportunity job to support their communities in both urban and rural areas of Somalia to provide better education, basic health care, and Job opportunities, respect human rights, peace, good governance and ultimately the development of youth.

The organization is registered with the Ministry of Interior and Federalism of the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Ministry of Labor and Federal Affairs of the Federal Republic of Somalia, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Federal Republic of Somalia and Municipality Benaadir Region.
After consultations in Mogadishu, the founders responded to the urgent needs of Somali youth and decided to seek employment opportunities to contribute to rebuild their country for many years of war and famine Persistent and famine that led to the collapse of the Somali state.
Somali youth live in extremely poor conditions; youth programs are based on finding or creation Somali youth in the job opportunities of our country, Education, health.



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