Grassroots Empowerment Network (GEN)

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GEN is a private tax exempt, non-profit, non-governmental organisation which coordinates the activities of local community based NGOs, youth groups, community based organisations (CBO’s), co-operatives, community based enterprises (CBE’s), women and other vulnerable groups and individuals in Nigeria, particularly Akwa Ibom State and surrounding Niger Delta communities to strengthen and improve their capabilities in promoting self-reliance and participation in development and peace building. This is done with the primary purpose of empowering women and youths influenced by gender-based violence, child labour and trafficking survivors, and other disadvantaged groups to act on their own behalf. The role of GEN is that of a partner co-operating with local groups / communities by providing them with the necessary support within which their organisations / communities can be developed. All projects have a strategy aimed at mainstreaming gender and environmental concerns. A strategy is also adopted to limit the effect of hazardous child labour and HIV/AIDS in communities in which they work.

GEN seeks to understand the ideologies, philosophies and working methods of the NGOs/ CBOs and cooperative societies. GEN also undertakes a wide range of short-term training aimed at extending specific knowledge, skills and techniques to various categories of development staff. Additionally, GEN provides on the job technical assistance to NGOs/ CBOs with a view to producing competent personnel to carry out specific tasks that will contribute to the development of the communities. They negotiate with the relevant authorities and agencies on behalf of the NGOs/CBOs with the purpose of furthering and defending their interest, as well as carrying out direct execution of whole or part projects on behalf of government agencies, donor community and international organisations in Nigeria, assisting clients or collaborating with other NGOs in areas of agriculture, rural and community development, rural water supply and sanitation, environmental education, nutrition and women economic development issues, human trafficking, child labour and HIV/AIDS-related health programmes.

GEN currently works with twenty (20) cooperative groups with a total membership of over 2000 smallholder farmers, several women and youth interest groups in Akwa Ibom State by providing them with input sourcing facilitation, training and advisory services on the technical matter of agriculture, aquaculture, livestock, soil fertility, cooperative development, access to micro-finance, HIV/AIDS prevention and control to enable farmers adopt recommended improved practices; establish strong linkages between research and extension, improved quality standards, and post-harvest best practices; and substantially improve food security and productivity at the household and community level, in order to in turn increase income generation, family health and roll-back malnutrition.

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