Foundation for Rural Development (FORD) Inc

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Foundation for Rural Development (FORD) Inc., FORD as it is commonly known, is an Incorporated Association, certified as non-profit community organisation and registered as training provider in Papua New Guinea.
FORD has developed programs in small enterprise development, literacy for all, environment conservation, water supply, capacity building of small CBOs and NGOs and an educational and public awareness program on issues affecting the rural people with its networking partners.

Being a local organisation, which had the vision and mission, it lacked experience in dealing with communities and its own capacity to meet demands to promote development through a network of community based organisations.
Despite the problem after more than twenty years, its now been able to establish network of self-help community based organisation whom FORD is progressively working with to:-
- create employment opportunities for the unemployed youths and girls
- provide opportunities to generate income for livelihood among the rural poor
- provide literacy skills for pre-school aged children and adult
- promote culture and encourage sustainable use of environment
- provide rehabilitation opportunities for disabled and prisioners.

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Less than 500,000

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PNG ADB Microfinance/Skills Development Project SME Corporation- Start Your Business Network in PNG Department of Community Development Transparency International (PNG) Consultative Implementative Monitoring Council Digicel Foundation (PNG) PNG Australian Award Partnership

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Oceania: Papua New Guinea

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Disability issues; Education and training; Environment and climate change; all (5)