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Musical instruments and equipment for community projects in Middle East


Our work in war-torn communities aims to use music to heal, unite and alleviate suffering whilst at the same time providing the groundwork for sustainable development and cross-cultural community work. Following the recent disputes in the Middle East, we are looking to support young professional...

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Musical instruments for refugee communities


Our work with refugee communities aims to use music to heal, unite and alleviate suffering whilst at the same time providing the groundwork for sustainable development and cross-cultural community work. Music can promote appropriate behaviour in vulnerable groups and enhance the quality of life of...

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Save Lives of Jewish Cancer Patients


For many cancer patients, the sole chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant. To ensure success, donor and recipient must gentically match. The Jewish people, like all ethnic grups, tend to match other Jews. A Jewish reigistry, therefore, is vitally important. Prior to the founding of Ezer...

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ONGOING OFFER: Provision of 30 LItre Rotary Barrels for easier collection of potable water by women and children.


To work with partners including NGOs, agencies, voluntary groups, charities etc,. to provide 30 litre Rotary Barrels to replace the dirty unhealthy containers, buckets, jerry cans etc currently used by women and children to collect non potable water. The majority collect over long distances (up to...

International Associations and Organisations Federation (IAOF)


The International Associations and Organisations Federation (IAOF) is a non-profit federation that acts as an umbrella organsation for more than 460 organisations active in the areas of human rights and women's legal and social rights in the Middle-East.

Alwe'am Charitable Society


The Alwe'am Charitable Society is a Palestinian NGO working in the Gaza Strip. The Society supports families living in the Gaza Strip financially and morally, offering free social and health services, and promoting access to education and training. Alwe-am also works in agriculture and sport...

Kazuri 2000 Limited


The mission of Kazuri is to provide and sustain employment opportunities to the disadvantaged members of the Kenyan society. Kazuri began in 1975 as a tiny workshop experimenting with making handmade beads. It started with two Kenyan women and soon discovered that there were many other women in...

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Repairing houses in the Gaza Strip


We do our best to help vulnerable people in the northern areas of the Gaza strip, and have various projects which we hope to be able to implement in partnership with other organisations. One of these projects is repairing the houses of poor families. Many Palestinian live in old houses that...

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Combatting violence against women in Iraq


Our federation is involved in supporting civil society in Iraq. We implement projects designed to increase democracy in our country and need your help to do this. A group of people we specifically want to help are women who are too often the target of violence and domestic abuse. Due to a...

Education 4 All


Education 4 All is an initiative developed by a businessman in Dubai. Organisers collect tools for education for underprivileged children, promote gift articles and greeting cards made from children's art, promote recycle and reduce waste initiatives, promote free e-learning and network with NGOs,...