Micro Credit or Dignity Funds in Tunisia

ENDA helped Mohsen, a young man in Tunisia, to start his business though micro-credit. ENDA was founded as a multi-sectoral development microfinance institution focusing on environment, health, education, and youth activities in Tunisia.

Mohsen is a young man in Tunisia who has used micro-credit from ENDA, a micro-finance institution, to build up a successful small business. He started by opening a small shop carrying school supplies and snacks near the primary school which was on the same street as his house. He didn’t make much money in this way, and had only a small amount of savings. When his wife told him about ENDA, and about the loans they could offer people like him who wanted to expand their businesses, he decided to investigate.

ENDA gave Mohsen small loan of 300 dinars with which he was able to extend his business. Over time, he borrowed more from ENDA, and was careful always to repay the money on time. Finally, he had enough capital to open a hairdressing salon in his house, and has even been able to hire a young apprentice. “ENDA loans have been a real blessing to me,” Mohsen says. The loans from ENDA have brought him dignity and increased self-respect.

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